Looking to Have a Paperless Office?

Earth SymbolPaperless Offices ARE Attainable

In a recent report from AIIM, they examined the question of a paperless office. It has become a popular concept, and the report discovered that 68 percent of companies believe that using too much paper is unacceptable in the fast-paced digital world of today. While a paperless office remains out of reach for most companies, you can still cut your paper consumption. Despite that, the AIIM report found that 21 percent of organizations had actually increased their paper consumption by 21 percent.

The report also found that 60 percent of companies had taken action to reduce the amount of paper they used. The end result? They saw a significant return on their investment after 12 months. 75 percent of business owners had achieved greater savings within 18 months. The biggest thing is that you try to save money on paper to begin with. What researchers in the AIIM report found was how simple lowering paper consumption truly was. With the continually advancing technologies, you can eliminate much of the paper processes found in today’s world. Document management systems are one of the best methods of creating a more paperless office.

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