Xerox WorkCentre 7535/7556 Overivew

The name Xerox has become synonymous with the idea of a thriving office. That’s because they make amazing machines that have been changing the way offices work for decades. Their machines are always on the cutting edge, and that is no different with the Xerox WorkCentre 7535/7556.

The WorkCentre 7535/7556 is an amazing machine that is able to offer you the best colors available in an in-house machine. You will be able to get the best that Xerox has to offer with their advanced print heads with digital image registration control technology. You will be sure to get the best colors when you have the equipment that can handle it.

You will also get number of other features that will help make your life easier.

  • 35 ppm for color prints
  • 55 ppm for black and white prints
  • First print out in as little as 5.9 seconds
  • 2GB system memory
  • 1GB page memory can handle multiple jobs at once
  • Scans 70 images per minute
  • Print and scan to most USB

All of this power comes in a surprisingly quiet machine. The H-Q LED print engine allows you machine to operate more efficiently—creating less noise and using less power. You can get the same power as your local print shop without the hassle or the noise.

The WorkCentre 7535/7556 is a great option for anyone who is tried of not getting the colors that they need from their office printer. The WorkCentre 7535/7556 is able to satisfy all of your tabloid color print needs without making you leave your office.