Xerox Altalink and Versalink Copiers in Greeley




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Leasing a Copier in Greeley Should be Simple

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Low Cost Plans

Don't worry away about high priced cost per print plans, we have exactly what you need!  We get you pay as you go plans without 10,000 included pages you are not going to use.

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New and Used Copiers

We have a full line of new and used Xerox printers and Xerox copiers for sale! All have available cost per print plans!  We sell and lease the Altalink and Versalink copiers.






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Plans That Fit

We make sure the copier you get fits your business needs.  If you are an attorney just printing documents, we won't sell you a graphic design copier.  We look at your business and match it to the right machine.

Why Xerox and Canon?


Two Quality Brands to Help You Compare!

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As you print and copy, you need items.  There are generally 13 common consumable items on any color copier.   We help you get the right supplies at the right time while in contract to keep costs as low as possible.

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As technicians go between copier companies, especially with CoVid, you will be happy to know all of our technicians are factory trained to get your copier working again asap.

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It is the last minute and your project deadline is coming up.  The printer/copier jams and nothing can print.  It is late, what are you going to do?  We have plans to help with these scenarios.

Ready to Get a Copier Lease?