Copier Leasing

Leasing a copier can be a big decision for a Greeley company.  Copier leases are a pain for most companies to decide on.  First you have to know about copiers, then about leases.

For example – Do you want a FMV Lease or a $1 Out Lease – Has your copier company explained the difference?

Do you need a letter/legal copier or is a tabloid (11 X 17) copier?

Did you know stapling generally adds approx $1000 of cost?  Or $20 a month

Did you know on a FMV lease you are responsible for freight costs to send the copier back to the dealer/manufacturer?

Did you know you can get an approx lease price by multiplying total cost by .02 for a 5 year lease?  (A $10000 copier is about $200 a month.)

You can get the same maintenance plan if you lease a copier or purchase it outright.