Used Copiers for Sale

Don't TellIf you are looking for a used copier right here in Greeley, then you should give us a call.  Sometimes though, people like to know what they should look for in a used copier before they call!  

Here are a few items you should think about before purchasing a used copier in Greeley:

  • Are you sure you need a used copier?  Sometimes you can get a new copier at the same price as a used copier if you don’t need fancy finishing options or 11 X 17 capabilities.
  • A used copier is like a used auto – if the meter is really high, that is generally a bad thing.  If you look at the duty cycle of a copier, multiply that by 3 – the total page count will ideally be lower than that number.
  • Many folks buy a used copier without any kind of service plan, that is generally a really bad idea.  People normally get rid of a copier when it is going bad.
  • A black and white used copier is generally between $1500 and $3000 and a color used copier is generally about $500 extra.

We hope you give us a call if you are looking for a copier in Greeley CO!