Solid Ink???

 It’s a new era in the world of ink and toner!


Xerox has led the way in an all new way of ink and toner operation with their ColorQube devices. By engineering a new solid ink stick, the need for a housing (cartridge) to hold the Xerox-8400-waxtoner and ink has been eliminated. The result is less waste and fewer materials used in manufacturing.  In other words, it’s much more eco-friendly – or GREEN as some would say.


The solid ink also provides superior printing in both color and black and white, color-copierwith very little waste.  As a bonus to being environmentally conscious, customers enjoy lower operating costs as the savings are passed along to them.


Checkout the video link below for more information.  Or call us to learn more and to see how the ColorQubes compare to other devices.


Xerox ColorQube 8900 MFP