Print Speeds Revealed!

Almost everyone in the business world has experience the frustrations of waiting for a print job to be completed.oops

 This annoyance is compounded when it takes several minutes for a machine to warm up.  In some cases, these problems have cost people large amounts of money and even their jobs.

 There is good news! 

Many of the new copy machines are integrating new technology that makes copiers and printers faster than ever.  But it’s not just about print speed…

The Xerox WorkCenter 7800 series copiers, and several others, utilize new LED technology that far exceeds the “warm up” times of conventional laser copiers.

 In many cases, a slower LED copier will already be finished with a print job by the time an older, faster, copier is done warming up.

For this reason, it is critical to consider the start up time of copiers within the discussion of overall speed.  Many companies can swap out a 45 page per minute machine with a new one, rated at only 30 ppm, and be better off when the initial start up time is considered.

In addition, the new copiers cost less to operate and are far more reliable in the long run because there is less stress on the components.

So don’t get wrapped up in all the hype over printing speeds,  it will do a great deal of good for employee moral to consider start up times in addition to print speeds!

And less time waiting on print jobs means more time pursuing revenue.