Do You Really NEED Tabloid?

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One of the largest cost savings, in the world of copiers and printers, is the way you utilize (or don’t) 11X17 paper.

11X17 paper, otherwise known as Tabloid or ledger paper, is exactly the same size as two 8.5X11 (letter) pieces of paper.

When consumers are first looking to purchase a new copier or printer, they will likely run into this question almost immediately because it is easily one of the quickest jumps in initial cost of a machine.

Initial cost

The overall cost of two machines, that are identical, with one having tabloid printing capabilities, is roughly half.  In other words, just for that one benefit you might be paying $5,000 for printer instead of $2,500.

Of course if you need it, you need it.  However, most consumers who have a machine with ledger paper printing capabilities, utilize the function less than 5% of the time the printer is in use.

Service Plan

On the other hand, one of the best cost saving measures of owning a copier or printer capable of printing 11X17 paper usually comes into play with the service plan.

While some copier companies will charge two clicks for a tabloid print, many only charge for one.  This means savvy consumers can save 50% on their overall service contract if they print on 11X17 paper and either fold or cut them in half.

Be sure to ask this question about your service contract before signing any papers!  It can be a huge unexpected expense if not set up correctly from the beginning.

One last thing to consider…

There is a chance you may rarely print  on 11X17 paper, but use the larger scanner to make copies on a regular basis.  Many consumers enjoy this capability because they can simply open a book, place it on the scanner, and the machine will automatically copy the two pages onto separate letter sized sheets.

If this is something you would use frequently, it might be worth the higher cost in exchange for the time savings and convenience.