Proven Provider of Copiers and Printers for Greeley is a subsidiary of Pahoda Image Products, also doing business as, and ColoradoSpringsCopier.comhandshake

Your local representative lives in Greeley and can provide all the document management products necessary for Greeley Companies and individual parties to run more efficiently.  You can also set up a face to face, expert review of your companies unique needs.

With nearly 15 years of experience in document management services and supplies, Pahoda Image Products is a proven provider of everything relating to copiers and printers.

  • Does you company need a small, fast, efficient printer?
  • Do you need a large copier for your companies day to day operations?
  • Want to save a lot of money on your toner and ink with a streamlined ordering process and fast shipping?
  • Need a specialist to integrate print management software on your network so you can start saving time and money while gaining greater control of your companies printer and copier usage?
  • We can even set up software for your company that tracks, logs, saves, auto-fills, regulates, and streamlines all of your companies documents without printing a page!!!

The point is, we have a track record that makes us a proven provider of all things document management in the Greeley and Colorado as a whole.

If we can’t help, we won’t waste your time trying to convince you we can. However, we currently serve companies ranging from 1 employee to over 500 and are easily capable of even more.  Either way, our goal is to help find solutions without disrupting the business process.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can help save you or your business time and money!