Standardizing Copiers and Printers

For the majority of consumers looking to purchase a new copier or printer, this topic will most likely never come to mind.  And really it won’t matter because most consumers may only need one ColorLaserJetCM2320copier or printer.

At the same time, standardizing multiple copiers and printers, by working through one company for all supplies and service, can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

More = Less  Quantity is king in the world of document management.  The more printed or purchased, the more itemized costs go down.  If a business has 3 rooms, or 300 offices across the nation, they will still get a better deal buying more devices at once or by signing up for a higher quantity of prints on their service plan.

Better for Less – One of the best things about this truth is that better copiers and printers can be purchased for the same price, or less, than lesser quality devices by buying in bulk.

Call a Rep – A knowledgeable rep can help identify the best devices for any application and negotiate stellar prices for a package deal.

Never Say Never – You might also think, “it’s too late for me, I already have my devices in place”

Actually many copier companies will also buy other devices back from you in order to get your undivided business. Usually this will manifest itself in the form of heavy discounts, and sometimes even with the ability to keep the old copiers and printers to re-sell or keep as back ups.

In a nutshell – The short of it is.  Standardizing saves money.  It also makes integration, service, and usability a breeze.  Whether revamping or starting fresh, standardizing copiers and printers is a great choice for any entity.