Stuck in a Contract

BillsDo you feel stuck in a contract that still has months or even years left?  Maybe your copier or printer is even breaking so frequently that the down time has resulted in lost time and money.

Once those papers are signed, it’s easy to get stuck in the mind set that there is absolutely no way out.

Well, just like anything else in the world, there are almost always loopholes.  Experts in any field spend enough time putting out fires that learning ways to beat the system soon becomes their forte.  In the world of document management it is no different.

Ditching the Hardware

In the same way that cell phone companies will buy out your old contract to gain your loyalty as a new customer, so do office supply companies.  Depending on the number of devices, size of the company, etc. some copier companies have been known to pay far and above the going rate for broken down and troublesome machines.

In most cases the payment comes in the form of a discount or rebate on a new device and in many cases the customer even gets to keep their current machines as a back-up or to sell for additional compensation.

Bottom line is, companies want your business and in most cases they will accept short term losses to gain a long term customer.


Banks will also play the game since they like the long term lease contracts.  In fact, they like them so much that they will often buy out the remaining time on a current contract and provide a new lease for brand new devices.

One caveat to this benefit is that banks can be opportunists just like anyone else when it comes to money.  Sometimes they will say they are buying out your current lease and then turn around and roll the additional cost into your new lease contract.  Getting 2 or 3 quotes is a good idea to help avoid this if possible.  Although it is also understandable that they want to do this and sometimes it is still worth it to get out of a machine that is causing problems.

Best approach to all this…CALL US!!!  We deal with this stuff all the time and have the knowledge and resources to save headaches involved with any sort of