Print Management in Greeley Colorado


In the last article we touched on the importance of print management and document management in relation to business copiers.Banner-Document-Man

In this article, we will expand on print management and follow up in a few days with more on document management.  Both of these topics can save Greeley business owners hundreds, and probably even thousands, of dollars in a very short period of time – essentially paying for themselves.

We attempted to set the stage for this article with a few questions:

  1. How many color prints does your business make per month?
  2. How many of your employees are making personal or unnecessary prints on the companies dime?
  3. Can 11X17 paper be used to create booklets of documents?
  4. Are there any low end machines receiving a high number of prints that could be diverted to a larger, more cost effective machine?
  5. Does your business keep a closet full of back up tone

These questions may have seemed insignificant but the idea is to start thinking about how simple questions can potentially save huge amounts of money.

Here are a few more related questions that might surprise you:

  1. Did you know that most black and white prints use color toner?  Did you know that a large portion of your black and white prints might be billed at the higher color rate on your service plan because of this fact?
  2. Did you know that you can quickly and easily cut back on employees personal use of copiers without them even knowing it?
  3. Did you know that by folding 11X17 paper into booklets can effectively cut your print costs in half?
  4. Did you know that cheaper copiers and printers are almost always more expensive per print?
  5. Did you know that keeping back stock of toner is no longer absolutely necessary?  Did you know that toner has an expiration date?

The point is that print management software is designed to do two things: track and manage print production.

How Does it Work?

In it’s most basic form, print management software is designed to track printing so that problem areas can be identified.  The software is typically downloaded onto a network so that everything form color printing to toner levels can be viewed and analyzed.

Once information has been gathered, machines can be moved, alerts can be set, restrictions can be placed on users, copiers can be automatically turned off at certain times of day, and bills for excessive use can automatically be generated for users.

Since most copiers already include the ability to establish employee codes and create spreadsheets with print usage, it might be unnecessary to pay for print management software.  However, starting at just $20-$30 per month, it would seem that the added control features of the software make it a no-brainer for most businesses.

In many cases, the software has not only cut costs significantly, it has also made document production more efficient.  This leads to more efficient employees, which also leads to more revenue.

Try It For Free!

We offer this software FREE for the first month.  Pricing is then determined by number of users.  A simple consultation can give you a better idea how print management can help your Greeley business.  Give us a call any time! Most initial software installations only take minutes.