Document Management for Greeley Colorado

And Finally…Looking for a Better Thing

Now that we have gone over the basics of print management, we can take it a step further into document management.

While document management software is typically a little more expensive than print management software, it is also that way for a reason.

Both types of software are designed to accomplish separate purposes and work extremely well together. But if becoming more efficient and saving money on printing seems like a great idea for a Greeley business, document management takes things to a whole new level.

Paperless Operations

Many businesses are now claiming to be “paperless” because there are so many great document management solutions available that printing documents to be viewed, signed, or distributed is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Document management software not only backs up all documents securely, they can also later be recovered by a simple keyword search.  Forms can be filled out automatically and contracts signed directly through the system.  Certain users can even view files with confidential information blacked out with administrative controls.

Have you noticed yourself, or employees, spending an unreasonable amount of time trying to find an old email, contract, quote, etc? Or maybe you want employees to be able to securely scan from a public copier directly to a password protected file on their desktop.

The basic idea with document management software is to make printing and filing documents obsolete.  While there will likely always be times that hard copies are needed, it is becoming more unnecessary.

The Copier’s Role

Tablets and smart phones are now standard in business functions, so pamphlets and booklets are not as necessary as they used to be.  For that reason, the main component of a copier that is utilized with document management software, is the scanner.

Scan to email, scan to folder, and scan to network are buzz words in the copier industry right now.  Why? because everyone is using document management software and skipping the printing step in a typical business transaction.

A document can be scanned and processed automatically into a digital pamphlet or booklet and then saved or emailed through a business network.  With document management technology, documents can even be scanned and auto filled by the time they arrive in a specified computer’s folder.

If used properly, document management programs can eliminate the need for a copier all together.  Assuming that everyone else can also operate paperlessly, the only piece of equipment that might possibly be needed, is a scanner.  And that will eventually also become unnecessary as document management moves toward becoming a standard inclusion in computer technology.

In Conclusion

For now, copiers are still completely necessary for Greeley businesses.  However, the fact that most modern copiers include technology that is designed to take advantage of document management software, is proof that the world is moving quickly toward paperless operations.

A simple purchase of the software, allows a seemingly ordinary copier to become a high tech, futuristic, document efficient machine

Just like print management software, document management software not only save a company money on printing, but also allows a business to run more smoothly and efficiently.  In turn this allows company dollars and employee time to be spent generating more revenue.