Copier Leasing – Automatic Lease Rollovers

Understanding Automatic Lease Rollovers

Many Greeley companies have been frustrated by their copiers. It’s a common site in the workplace when employees are cursing the copier for its constant troubles. The paper gets jammed, the ink is runny and there are lines on the documents. Once that five year copier lease is up, the company says, the copier is going back!

Unfortunately, many companies do not understand the idea of automatic lease rollover. It is a commonly misunderstood part of a printing contract. This grim reality is that if you don’t give your leasing agent a written document that says you would like to firmly end your contract after it is over, your lease will automatically roll over and begin again. This document usually needs to be given to your Greeley printing agent no less than forty-five days before the expiration of the least and no more than ninety days before this date.

The best thing to do is to read carefully over your lease if you think that you would like to end your contract. Mark the calendar with the window you have to announce disengagement from your contract. If you fail to do this, your company may lose up to one thousand dollars on cancellation fees or be stuck in an unwanted contract with your current Greeley copying service.