Avoid Legal Disputes Regarding Your Copier

How Can You Avoid Lawsuits arising from your Copier in Greeley?

As copiers work, they produce volatile organic compounds, the most common one being ozone. Prolonged exposure to this compound leads to irritation of the lungs, permanent lung damage and pain in the chest. If you aren’t careful, you will face lawsuits that will drain your hard-earned business capital. However, you can avoid this by following some steps.

Provide Enough Ventilation

Place the copier in a well-ventilated area far away from your employees. This gives space for ozone to disperse. Keeping the employees away prevents them from inhaling the ozone.

Get a Good Copier

If the copier you use produces ozone, you need to change it. The cost of a new copier that doesn’t produce ozone is much cheaper than what you will pay for a lawsuit if an employee falls sick.

Replace worn Out Filters

Make sure you replace filters frequently. When you notice black marks on the wall near the copier, it is most likely that the ozone compounds are being produced, and the filter isn’t working. Filters in proper condition will prevent the compounds from getting into the air and into your employees lungs. Well, don’t wait till it’s too late.