Replacement Parts

Every copier needs a little rejuvinating from time to time.  Whether it’s changing toner cartridges, or replacing a more major component like a drum or fuser, it all needs to be done routinely to insure the copier continues working at its optimal capacity.

In the recent past, many routine maintenance items required an outside technician for execution.  That is no longer the case with so many advancements in technology.

At a recent copier industry convention, we were pleasantly surprised to see how much emphasis each manufacturer is placing on user maintenance.  These types of advancements not only help the user save time and money, they also help the manufacturer with fewer service calls and less overhead.

With new designs and engineering, even fusers, rollers, and drums can be replace by the end user simply by pulling an old one out and inserting a new one.  Maintenance kits are designed to be replaced, taking any dirty parts with them so routine cleanings are no longer necessary.

This is great news for everyone using a copier.  We look forward to even more advancements in this arena in the near future.