Copier Components

Ever wonder what the major parts of a copier are?  Here is a 10,000 foot view:

  1. The Document feeder correctly presents the paper to the Scanner
  2. The scanner collects the image digitally in most cases and passes it along to the imaging unit, comprised of a laser and a electrostatically charged roller called a drum
  3. The laser shines the image on the drum drum
  4. The drum loses its charge where the laser hits and the toner (a dry powder) sticks to these areas because it has the opposite charge
  5. The paper is fed under the drum, pressing the toner onto the paper
  6. Then the paper passes between two rollers, one of them, called the fuser, is heated and melts the toner into the paper.
  7. And the paper exits the copier onto a catch tray.

1. Document Feeder
2. Scanner
3. Imaging Unit

     – Laser and Drum

4. Fuser

5.Catch Tray


Piece of cake!