Copier Delivery Times

Some larger copier companies keep an inventory of common copier types for the local and time sensitive sales.  This is one reason why many times customers are pressured to buy devices that aren’t necessarily the best fit for their needs.

In most cases, however, when you buy a copier here’s how it works…

1. An estimate is created for the customer based on their needs and desires for a copier

2. The customer accepts the estimate and asks for a lease

3. It takes 1-2 days to file necessary paperwork with a supporting bank

4. Another 1-2 days to receive approval from the bank and place the order with the distributor

5. Once the distributor receives the order they can usually process the request within 1 day (depending on time of day) and the copier will ship the next day.

6.  Most distributors will ship the copier to a freight company that will be responsible for delivery of the device. This usually takes 2-3 days.  From here on, it get’s a little hard to predict.

7. Most freight companies have routes that take them into multiple states or areas of a state.  So they will develop weekly schedules based on the merchandise needing to be delivered.  For this reason, a copier can sit for several days, sometimes even up to a week, waiting on the scheduled delivery day. On average it takes 2-3 days from the time it reaches the freight company to the time it is delivered.

That means it takes an average of 7-12 days from the day the proposal is accepted until the copier is delivered.  Of course 2-4 days can be eliminated from this if a customer forgoes the lease option.