Cloud READY Printers and MFPs

As interest in cloud-based operations continues to grow, so do the cloud based copying and printing solutions.

Some manufactures, like HP, Samsung, Brother, and the like, have begun producing what are called “cloud ready” devices.  These machines come with built in wifi capabilities that include a pre-set email address designated to the device.  This email allows instant cloud printing from smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. simply by turning the function on.

A complete list of current cloud ready devices can be found here:

So far these devices were designed primarily for smaller operations that do not utilize hard wired networks.  Cloud printing can easily be accomplished with most other “classic” printers simply by downloading specific drivers for the function.  As long as there are two elements available, cloud printing can be utilized without the need for a “cloud ready” device.

1. A wireless connection to the printing device – whether through a wireless card or by a hardwired connection to a wireless router.

2. A print server and/or a locally connected Computer

The main benefit to cloud printing through a server is that it opens up the possibility of using lower cost per print devices.

An extremely easy solution to a print server, if a network or local computer can’t be utilized, is a server replacement. Lantronix makes a great solution priced under $200 that can be used with virtually any copier or printer.  Check them out here:

With these solutions, printing from almost anywhere in the world, from almost any device, can be accomplished quickly and easily.