Document Security in Greeley

Banner-Copier-GalDo You Have Optimal Document Security?

In business, security matters greatly. If a data breach occurs, a lot of small businesses cannot survive the financial losses. Not to mention, there is a loss of reputation. If you are considering a switch to document management, here are some of the reasons associated with higher security. First, you can setup permissions, which is unlike a paper-based management system. With this type of system, you can allow access to the right people without vital information falling into the wrong hands.

Second, you will receive security notifications in the event that unauthorized access occurs. This is vital because when a data breach occurs, you cannot undo the damage, but if you catch it early enough, you can stop it from wreaking havoc upon your business. Notifications can also be sent to administrators when someone deletes, edits or adds a document, which can serve as an alarm system for suspicious activity.

Because a document management system will often have Full Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, you help to protect your data in the event of a disaster. Document management systems will often encrypt your documents so that if someone does breach the first layer of security, they cannot make use of the information.