What to look for when leasing a copier

Startup Stock PhotosSo, you’ve decided to move forward and lease copier for your business. It may seem a straightforward decision, but we want to provide you with a few tidbits of information that can help you with your decision-making process. Here are a few ideas about what to look for when leasing a copier.

  1. Budget- It’s incredibly important that you know what your monthly budget for your lease will be. The monthly budget will not only help you to manage your cash flow, it will help your leasing specialist narrow down which types of copier machines should be considered for your business.
  2. Expected volume- Knowing what your projected volume will be on a monthly basis is an important piece of information. It can also help to further narrow down which types of copiers will provide you with your needs.
  3. Lease term- Do you have an idea about how long you would like to lease a copier for? We will work with you on short term or long term leases but it is important that you have an idea about your commitment level up front.
  4. Black and White, Color or Multifunction- What type of copier do you want for your office? There are multiple models on the market these days and knowing what capabilities are most important to you is a very helpful bit of information.

Call one of our leasing specialists to discuss all of our great leasing options!

Startup Stock Photos