Used copiers

51KOeLa9g9L._SX355_We buy used items all the time with abandon. It’s not uncommon to buy a used car or used furniture. No wonder online ad sites like Craigslist and Ebay are so popular! So why is it that so often people are frightened of buying items such as used copiers? There is an overwhelming fear of buying a lemon. When it comes to electronics, many people shy away from the value potential for fear of malfunction.

We want to assure you that the used copiers that we sell from our Greeley office are top of the line. There is no reason to fear our used copiers. Just as we do with all of our business dealings, we only offer the best. Our reputation means everything to us and we strive to provide exceptional service and quality, no matter what type of transaction we are working with.

When you buy one of our used copiers,  you will be receiving a copy machine that has been restored to factory standards. This means that we replace and restore all of the parts of the copier before offering it for sale. You, in a sense, will be buying a like new piece of equipment.

We are very careful about which copiers we will refurbish and resell. If the paper count is too high, we won’t sell it! Call us today to learn more about our great selection of used copiers!