Ending your copier lease

So the end of your copier lease is coming up and you are excited to get a new copier. The one you have been using just isn’t cutting it anymore and here are new machines. Then, right before your lease is over, you get charged for another 3 months. What happened? Well, we are here to help you understand what to do when ending your copier lease.

What happened is that you were suckered into a lease with automatic rollover. That means that there is a provision in your lease that allows them to continue charging you unless you explicitly say otherwise. This is a way leasing companies put extra money in their pocket. They know that most people forget to let them know, and they get a few extra month’s pay.

Here is how to avoid extra charges when ending your copier lease.

  1. Check your lease to see if there is automatic rollover. This is the most important thing to note. If this does not apply to you then do not worry about this section.
  2. Note when you must submit notice. The time period is usually between 45-90 days before the lease ends. Do not miss this timeline.
  3. Mark that date on a calendar. If you do not mark it somewhere you will see then you will likely fall victim.
  4. Make sure you write to your leasing company to terminate the lease. Once you do this, confirm that everything is in order.

Once your lease is terminated and you are ready to return it make sure you have everything in order. Pack up the consumables and put them in separate bags. Take pictures documenting your entire process. Finally, check your user manual to confirm that you followed all the shipping rules.

Leasing companies use a variety of sneaky tactics to try and get you to spend more than you should. At Greely Copier we do not believe in sneaking things by you. Call us today for more help with ending your copier lease.