Avoid Mistakes at the End of your Copier Lease

It may sound unfair, but the end of your lease can actually be a very complicated time. It’s not always an easy task to end your lease and return your copier. This is a time when copier leasing companies will try and charge you and bully you into a new lease. We believe in putting customers first at Greely Copier. We want to help you avoid mistakes at the end of your copier lease.

When your lease is nearing its end its important to make sure that your lease doesn’t have automatic lease rollover. This would mean that your leasing company could keep charging you for the lease unless you specifically terminate the contact.

In other words, just because your lease date comes does not mean that you lease is actually over. Many copier leasing companies require you to write a letter stating that you want to terminate you contact. There is usually a time period between 45-90 days before the lease ends to write the letter.

If you miss that date then your leasing company can charge you, and there isn’t much more you can do about it.

Packaging is the next place that you may be hit with fees. Make sure that you pack all toner and smaller items in individual, sealed plastic bags. If toner leaks then you will likely get charged for damages.

Also make sure that you have a plan for returning the copier. Leasing companies are not always responsible for picking up the copier and use this as leverage to try and bully you into another lease. If you do not want to deal with your leasing company then try and set up pickup by a third party.