Time for an Upgrade

Is your copier still operating up to your standards? If you are a few years into your contract then you may find that your business needs have changed. We are used to seeing this with people who are nearing the end of their leases. This is a good problem because it means that your business is growing. It also means that it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Look at your business needs and think about how things have changed in a few years. Think about where your machine is falling short and where you think your business is going.

  • Have needs increased? By how much?
  • What features do you wish you had that you didn’t think about before?
  • Do you expect even more growth in the future?
  • Where do you see your business going from here?
  • What did you like and not like about your current machine?

It’s important to think about future needs as much as current needs. If you are thinking about an upgrade then that means you’ve gone through the process before. Think about everything you did before and start to consider your new machine.

The best time to consider an upgrade is when your lease is nearing its end. This gives you time to do research and talk with other companies. However, if you want to upgrade with the same company then you may be able to make a deal that works for both parties.