PostScript vs PCL Drivers, which is best?


PostScript Language or PS as its more commonly known is a device dependent driver which means it is specifically suited for individual print devices. This driver is most commonly used in MAC environments, Graphic designers and print companies as it produces a higher level of consistency when printing images compared to the PCL driver. It is very important for these companies to have this consistency when say printing 100 booklets for a customer which all have to be identical in color and detail in images.

This driver should also be used in environments that outsource their printing to a printing company for mass production. This way the document will be identical when printing in the office or at the printing company.

Pros for using the PS driver

  1. Graphic images will be a lot more detailed compared to using the PCL driver. 
  2. Colors are brighter and more accurate.
  3. Can be used in a MAC environment.
  4. Consistency of prints across different devices.

Cons for using the PS driver

  1. Files are slower to print as the PS creates all of the print data and does not rely on the printer for print data.
  2. The printing files will use more memory as the files are larger due to detail.



Printer control language or PCL as its more commonly called is one of the most common printing language used widely by many different printer manufacturers. It is the most general print driver used as it is supported by many different operating systems. PCL is device dependent which means the printer hardware is actually responsible for creating some of the printed data. This allows print jobs to be printed quicker than using the PS driver.

This driver is mainly used in office environments were documents being printed mainly consist of text and a few images.

Pros for using the PCL driver

  1. Fast document printing.
  2. Supported by many different operating systems.
  3. Easy to configure and install.

Cons for using the PS driver

  1. Cannot be used in MAC environments.
  2. Graphic images may differ depending on device they are printed from.
  3. Print jobs in general may differ depending on device they are printed from.

If you need any assistance choosing the right driver for your business, give us a call, we would love to help you.