Xerox and Wireless Printers

What Is A Xerox Wireless Printer?

Xerox wireless printers, or Wi-Fi printers, accept print jobs from a wireless connection. This means that the printer doesn’t need any physical connection to your office or home network. The printer’s power cable is the only wired connection you need to worry about.

What Devices Do They Work With?

Almost any computer on the same Wi-Fi network as your wireless printer should be able to start a print job. A wide range of phones, tablets, and other mobile devices can also communicate with wireless printers.

Apps and Protocols

Communication between a mobile device and the wireless printer is typically handled through a specific app or protocol. Each of the following protocols and apps can be used to connect to a Wi-Fi printer.

  • Mopria Print Service: Provides seamless printing from Android devices.
  • Xerox Print Service Plug-in for Android: Connects Android devices to Xerox printers with an app directly from the device’s creators.
  • Google Cloud-Print: Enables users to print through Google’s web-based system.
  • Apple AirPrint: The premier method to print from Apple’s phones and tablets.
  • NFC Tap-to-Pair: All you need is a single tap to connect your NFC enabled device to supported wireless printers.
  • Wi-Fi Direct: A special protocol which creates a connection between supported printers and mobile devices without the need of a wireless router.
  • ConnectKey Apps: Enables printing support from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, One Drive and other popular cloud storage services.

Setting Up A Wireless Printer

The process of setting up a wireless printer will vary on a model-to-model basis. Likewise, each app or protocol will make the connection process a little different. You’ll often need to begin the connection process by temporarily connecting the wireless printer to a networked computer. This will allow the printer to update and detect your network information. However, some wireless printers can connect to your network through a built-in setup wizard. These printers won’t need an initial wired connection.

Types of Wireless Printers

Xerox offers a number of different printers which support wireless connections. Xerox VersaLink, and AltaLink put a high priority on wireless printing and use ConnectKey Technology. These printers will always offer a superb wireless experience. But many of Xerox’s WorkCentre and Phaser printers also make it easy to print over wireless connections.

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