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FREE Print Audit Software

By Marketing Group / July 17, 2014 / Comments Off on FREE Print Audit Software

We want to help your business save money! We know, it’s the oldest sales pitch in the book.  At the same time, it’s also how great copier companies operate.  Everyone is trying to make a buck, but in the end it’s more about building value. So here is our Guarantee: We will run a free…

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Document Management for Greeley Colorado

By Marketing Group / July 11, 2014 / Comments Off on Document Management for Greeley Colorado

And Finally… Now that we have gone over the basics of print management, we can take it a step further into document management. While document management software is typically a little more expensive than print management software, it is also that way for a reason. Both types of software are designed to accomplish separate purposes and work…

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Print Management in Greeley Colorado

By Marketing Group / July 8, 2014 / Comments Off on Print Management in Greeley Colorado

Continued… In the last article we touched on the importance of print management and document management in relation to business copiers. In this article, we will expand on print management and follow up in a few days with more on document management.  Both of these topics can save Greeley business owners hundreds, and probably even…

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Business Copiers

By Marketing Group / July 5, 2014 / Comments Off on Business Copiers

Copiers in a business environment can be a blessing or a curse.  Fortunately, this is nothing new to the world and there are now many options available that are designed to make sure each business has every opportunity to stay on the blessed side of the equation. Whether it’s a poorly build machine, that isn’t designed for…

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