Do You Really NEED Tabloid?

By Marketing Group / April 24, 2014 / Comments Off on Do You Really NEED Tabloid?

Save Money! One of the largest cost savings, in the world of copiers and printers, is the way you utilize (or don’t) 11X17 paper. 11X17 paper, otherwise known as Tabloid or ledger paper, is exactly the same size as two 8.5X11 (letter) pieces of paper. When consumers are first looking to purchase a new copier…

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Print Speeds Revealed!

By Marketing Group / April 20, 2014 / Comments Off on Print Speeds Revealed!

Almost everyone in the business world has experience the frustrations of waiting for a print job to be completed.  This annoyance is compounded when it takes several minutes for a machine to warm up.  In some cases, these problems have cost people large amounts of money and even their jobs.  There is good news!  Many…

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Service Plans – Need to Know!

By Marketing Group / April 16, 2014 / Comments Off on Service Plans – Need to Know!

Cost Per Print In the copier industry, most service plans function on a cost per copy basis.  Even if you find yourself in an “unlimited” copies plan, the price you pay is still based on the cost per copy of your particular machine. Determining Cost The manufacturer has spent millions of dollars testing their equipment…

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2014 Xerox Rebates

By Marketing Group / April 12, 2014 / Comments Off on 2014 Xerox Rebates

Now is the time to upgrade your old Xerox workhorse, with 50-75% back on select color printers and copiers. Generally once per year, Xerox gives consumers a huge opportunity to save by upgrading to new machines.  In 2014, the rebates will be available through December 31st.  To see if your printer made the list, checkout…

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Race to the Bottom Dollar

By Marketing Group / April 9, 2014 / Comments Off on Race to the Bottom Dollar

Anyone who has ever requested information on a new copier, or printer, knows just how competitive the industry is. It usually begins with someone indicating his or her general desire for a new machine on an online form. Within a matter of minutes, after they clicking “submit”, their phone lights up like a North Pole…

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Solid Ink???

By Marketing Group / April 6, 2014 / Comments Off on Solid Ink???

 It’s a new era in the world of ink and toner!   Xerox has led the way in an all new way of ink and toner operation with their ColorQube devices. By engineering a new solid ink stick, the need for a housing (cartridge) to hold the toner and ink has been eliminated. The result is less…

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Used Copiers for Sale

By Marketing Group / March 26, 2014 / Comments Off on Used Copiers for Sale

If you are looking for a used copier right here in Greeley, then you should give us a call.  Sometimes though, people like to know what they should look for in a used copier before they call!   Here are a few items you should think about before purchasing a used copier in Greeley: Are…

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